Autumn Gopaldhara, "Red Thunder"

Autumn Gopaldhara, "Red Thunder"

Known as Red Thunder, this tea requires very specific harvest conditions that only occur a few days a year. It is picked in the highest section of the garden, which also produces the renowned Gopaldhara Wulong; unlike her sister Wulong tea, Red Thunder is harvested in the fall and undergoes intense oxidation that makes it one of the most flavorful, and caffeinated tea-strains.

Her robust leaves are hand rolled into broad and irregular shapes, filled with various tones of copper and red in the numerous buds. The woody nose-head brings to mind a stewed red-fruit: Supple, dark mahogany with a pleasant floral breath. Comforting aromas alight the lips, a gentle combination of wild fruit and nut spices. A slight, peppery-bark finish gives way to a long, aromatic aftertaste.

Infuse 2.5g of tea to 250ml of water in a red yixing-clay pot.
Flush for 20 seconds. Brew at 95c for 3 to 4 minutes.

Best enjoyed in the fading evening light, with a long book and warm slippers.